Legacy Planning - Kotak Private
Legacy Planning - Kotak Private

Securing your legacy

Estate Planning

Your legacy is a commemoration of the life you have lived.
Our carefully crafted suite of offerings aid in securing your
family's future, ensuring your legacy echoes through generations.

Kotak's Estate Planning Services are offered through Kotak Mahindra Trusteeship Services Limited (KMTSL) which is a 100% subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited. With a legacy of over 16 years in this field, KMTSL has been instrumental in setting up private family trusts for many families across India, catering to a diverse mix of industries and sectors.

What is Estate Planning
Estate Planning is the creation of a systematic plan for the management, protection & succession of your estate, during and after your lifetime.

Modes of Estate Planning
Estate Planning can be undertaken by way of a Will or through a Trust to provide for more comprehensive planning.

  • Need for Estate Planning
  • Estate Planning Services
  • Importance of a Corporate Trustee
  • Advantages of a Corporate Trustee

Need for Estate Planning

  • Ensuring consolidation and smooth succession of assets without delays and disruptions

  • Meeting and protecting financial needs of family members

  • Multi-generational planning of wealth

  • Retaining control and flexibility within the family

  • Addressing concerns about unexpected incapacity

  • Long term and professional management and preservation of assets

    1. Protection of assets against a possible reintroduction of estate duty in India

    2. Protection of assets against possible future matrimonial claims

    3. Protection of assets against future liabilities and claims

Estate Planning Services

  • Trust Structuring: Recommending options on the structuring of an Estate Plan for the benefit of future generations, and management & administration of the estate during and after your life
  • Facilitating Drafting & Execution: Facilitating drafting of Wills, and the drafting & execution of Trust Deeds and ancillary documents tailored to specific family needs
  • Trusteeship: Acting as a Corporate Trustee for administration and distribution of the family trust
  • Trust Manager: Acting as a Trust Manager for administration of the family trusts

Importance of a Corporate Trustee

A Trustee is in a special position of confidence in relation to the beneficiaries and has a fiduciary role to play. A trustee is legally bound to act for the benefit of the beneficiaries. One of the most important decisions you will make is the selection of your Trustee(s).

Advantages of a Corporate Trustee

A trustee is in a special position of confidence in relation to the beneficiaries, and therefore, one of the most important decisions you will make is the selection of your trustee.

  • Perpetuity

  • Experience and Expertise

  • Effective Trust Administration

  • Objectivity

  • Professional Advice

  • Fiduciary Responsibility

  • Dedicated Responsibility

  • Compliance and Reliability

  • Prudence and Confidentiality