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Kotak Private Family Office

Kotak Family Office

Family Office

The glory of an antique clock is a culmination of the precision and passion of the clockmaker.
With the same fervour, our proposition aids your family in accomplishing
their financial and non-financial goals. So you can dedicate your time and attention to activities
that are closer to your heart.

Over the last few years, Family Offices have evolved to offer everything a wealthy family needs: from the expected, such as investment management; to the more sophisticated, such as estate & succession planning and philanthropy; as well as lifestyle enhancement services.

Kotak is one of the first private banking businesses in India to offer family office services.

We act as a single point of contact to liaise, facilitate and coordinate with specialized external experts, so you can access services par excellence across a wide variety of disciplines.

Conventional private banking services deal only with investments. We cater to needs that complement traditional investment-based services.

Our Proposition

The Family Office Proposition includes Investment Advisory services, services ancillary to Investment Advisory and other value added-services.

Advisory Services

In addition to the scope of Investment Advisory activities, Family Office Services also encompass aggregation of client portfolios across multiple advisors and monitoring of the strategic allocation and Investment Policy Statement at a holistic level.

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Services ancillary to Investment Advisory

  • Accounting, Taxation
  • Assistance in tax, legal and regulatory compliances
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Investment Banking
  • Inbound & Outbound Investments
  • Multi-Jurisdictional / Immigration Planning

Other value added services~

  • Philanthropy / Impact Investing"
  • Empowering the Next Generation"
  • Concierge and Lifestyle Services / Art Solutions"


We understand that every family has a unique approach towards giving that reflects their vision for a better tomorrow.

In association with specialists from the social sector, we can assist you in driving positive change across key development areas like Education, Health, Skill Development, Inclusive Development, Sports, Water, and Sanitation and Hygiene. Our endeavour is to support you in various facets of creating an impactful and sustainable philanthropic legacy, by:

  • Developing a philanthropic strategy
  • Setting up a suitable structure for giving
  • Identifying potential causes and non-profits to partner with for your contributions
  • Enabling knowledge sharing and networking with philanthropists, social sector leaders
  • Assisting to explore meaningful advisory positions, internships, volunteering opportunities

Family Office Services will be offered by third party service providers and liaised/ coordinated by KAAML. | ~ Value Added Services will be provided as a customer gesture, only if the Client so desires, through third party service providers. No fee shall be charged for such services. | "Conditions Apply