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Financial Advisors

While we invest time and efforts in growing and preserving your wealth,
you can invest yours in living your purpose.

Our Advisory Process

Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Formation
Building Blocks
  • Risk Profiling
  • Exposure Limits
  • Product Restrictions
Scope of Advisor
  • Define IPS
  • Formalise an Investment Committee
Asset Allocation Decisions
Building Blocks
  • Strategic asset allocation (equity/debt/alternate allocations)
  • Tactical asset allocation (market-based)
Scope of Advisor
  • Recommend allocation in accordance with the IPS
Portfolio Buildup
Building Blocks
  • Suitable and appropriate products
Scope of Advisor
  • Evaluate all investment options and give recommendations basis suitability as per the IPS
Portfolio Monitoring
Building Blocks
  • Periodic Review
  • Monitor strategic and tactical allocation
Scope of Advisor
  • Rebalance and take corrective measures
Optional: Aggregation and monitoring across multiple investment advisors
Building Blocks
  • Aggregation of client portfolios across multiple advisors
Scope of Advisor
  • Aggregation of portfolio & exposure analysis at a holistic level vs. the IPS
  • Apply strategic and tactical asset allocation, mindful of overall allocation
  • Review of consolidated portfolio across multiple investment advisors


Knowledge and Competence

  • Natural Synergy
    with Bank, Asset Management, Institutional Equities and the Investment Banking Business
  • Advisory Prowess
    Institutionalised advice across asset classes, constant focus on meeting investment objectives
  • Asset Level Think Tanks
    with internal and external members
  • Thought Leaders
    Roll down strategies, factor investing, ESG framework

Sound Investment Framework

  • Customised Investment Advice/Plan
    basis risk profile and Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Disciplined Advisory Approach
    aligned to our institutional calls
  • Regular Reviews
    Periodic portfolio review process
  • Maintenance of Records
    of all investment decisions

Transparency and Alignment

  • Transparent Fee Model
    Elimination of product commission
  • Alignment of Interest
    Portfolio aligned to the investment objectives & asset allocation as defined in the client's IPS



A solution by Kotak Investment Advisory that seeks to enrich your investment journey with the efficiency of technology, personalised by human touch.

Why opt for Selekt?

  • Institutional Process
  • Integrated Portfolio Approach
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Professional Investment Advisors
  • State-of-the-art Platform

Institutional Process

  • Natural Synergy with Bank, Asset Management, Institutional Equities and Investment Banking Business

  • Asset Level Think Tanks with internal and external members

  • Thought Leaders Roll down strategies, factor investing, ESG framework

Integrated Portfolio Approach

  • Customised to suit you Risk Profile and Investment Objectives

  • Comprehensive investments across asset classes

  • Curated products across Mutual Funds, Direct Stocks, Bonds, Structured Products, PMS, AIF’s and more 

Transparent Pricing

  • Zero commissions We work in your best interest and therefore, only recommend products that align with your needs and goals

Professional Investment Advisors

  • An Advisor from a pool of Investment Advisors will closely work with you in building a portfolio that is personalised your investment needs

  • Regular monitoring, updates and reviews An Advisor will jointly review your portfolio with you over a video call on a quarterly basis and suggest required changes

State-of-the-art Platform

  • 24x7 access to your investment portfolio with class-leading features such as

  • Family level view

  • Recommendations & rebalancing journeys

  • Portfolio statements

  • Access to our in-house views and the best market research

  • Secure inbox for all your written communication with an Advisor and much more…

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Please Note: We offer investment services through Kotak Private Banking, housed in Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited and investment advisory services through Kotak Alternate Asset Managers Ltd.