wealth preservation & growth

While we invest time and efforts in growing and preserving your wealth,
you can invest yours in living your purpose.


Knowledge and Competence

  • Natural Synergy
    with Bank, Asset Management, Institutional Equities and the Investment Banking Business
  • Advisory Prowess
    Institutionalised advice across asset classes, constant focus on meeting investment objectives
  • Asset Level Think Tanks
    with internal and external members
  • Thought Leaders
    Roll down strategies, factor investing, ESG framework

Sound Investment Framework

  • Customised Investment Advice/Plan
    basis risk profile and Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Disciplined Advisory Approach
    aligned to our institutional calls
  • Regular Reviews
    Periodic portfolio review process
  • Maintenance of Records
    of all investment decisions

Transparency and Alignment

  • Transparent Fee Model
    Elimination of product commission
  • Alignment of Interest
    Portfolio aligned to the investment objectives & asset allocation as defined in the client's IPS

Our Advisory Process

Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Formation
Building Blocks
  • Risk Profiling
  • Exposure Limits
  • Product Restrictions
Scope of Advisor
  • Define IPS
  • Formalise an Investment Committee
Asset Allocation Decisions
Building Blocks
  • Strategic asset allocation (equity/debt/alternate allocations)
  • Tactical asset allocation (market-based)
Scope of Advisor
  • Recommend allocation in accordance with the IPS
Portfolio Buildup
Building Blocks
  • Suitable and appropriate products
Scope of Advisor
  • Evaluate all investment options and give recommendations basis suitability as per the IPS
Portfolio Monitoring
Building Blocks
  • Periodic Review
  • Monitor strategic and tactical allocation
Scope of Advisor
  • Rebalance and take corrective measures
Optional: Aggregation and monitoring across multiple investment advisors
Building Blocks
  • Aggregation of client portfolios across multiple advisors
Scope of Advisor
  • Aggregation of portfolio & exposure analysis at a holistic level vs. the IPS
  • Apply strategic and tactical asset allocation, mindful of overall allocation
  • Review of consolidated portfolio across multiple investment advisors

Please Note: We offer investment services through Kotak Private Banking, housed in Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited and investment advisory services through Kotak Alternate Asset Managers Ltd.